Merc File #09-A76

Created by the Harznian Scientist,
Arcad, the MERCENARY HIVE overswept T'Roa, and was close to completely converting the planet's population into an worldwide army of mindless drones all under the command of Arcad's Command Drone...

Drone #0001, A.K.A. Warper.

Merc File #09-E92

As the Mercs spread across T'Roa,
they left destruction in their wake.
The brave that fought, joining forces, battled against the mindless massive marching drones.

All across T'Roa...
Kater, to Etol, to Caxler, and so on.
Those that couldn't escape the wrath of the Mercs, under Drone #0001's Command, were sent to the Conversion Center, where they too became more of the ruthless force that nearly finished it's march across T'Roa...

As the Merc Wars
neared it's end, the losses began to add up more and more each day...

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