The Adventures Continue in the Exciting Season 2...

Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid are joined by new allies such as Firegazer and Frostbite, as an alien menace appears and
the Past becomes part of the present!!

Season 2 Premiere!
Episode 16:
​"Beginning the Past!"

In the triumphant return of the Heroic Combo, it appears a new alien force is making a bit of trouble in the City.

Episode 17:
​"The Repscalians"

With the appearance of the reptilian drones, the City looks to be in the beginning of a new Alien invasion.

Episode 18:
​"Cazz Strikes!"

Commander Cazz, loyal second-officer of Lord Skarn takes to the streets to make Himself known, and to show the Heroes that the Repscalians have arrived.

Christmas Special #3:
"Season's Clucking"

It's another Hero-Man Christmas Special, and this year it looks like there's another would-be present-pilferer.

Episode 19:

A look into Sidekick Kid's past, years earlier on the distant Alien world of Nashar, as he remembers the first of many memories he wishes he'd forgotten.

Episode 20:
"An Invasion of the Repscalian Kind!"

As Sidekick Kid looks to track down Commander Cazz and the rest of the Repscalian Army, he runs into the venomous villain.

Episode 21:
"A Past Soon Forgotten..."

A very deep episode, as Sidekick Kid has one final memory of surviving the Nasharian War, and confronting the Repscalian leader, Lord Skarn.

Christmas Special #4:
"It's Better to Give..."

Another year, Another Holiday Season for our Heroes as they look to take out a pair of would-be elves? Looks like they better "Wrap" things up before Christmas.

Episode 22:
"The Sidekick"

Sidekick Kid's Original Mentor on Nashar, Yash-Ti, has arrived in the City, but things aren't quite what you'd expect in this reunion.

Episode 23:
"Hammond and Pico"

As the Nasharian Plot continues to strike against our Heroes, Hero-Man remembers the last time he had a good day.

Episode 24:
"Lord Skarn of the Repscalian Army of Nashar!"

Sidekick Kid, the last of the House of Bellamere, comes face-to-face with the vile and ruthless Lord Skarn, meanwhile Hero-Man runs into Commander Cazz.

Episode 25:

As a lot of the puzzle begins to take shape, Hero-Man is given one piece to his own past that begins to add to the mysteries that continue to get more perplexing...

Episode 26:
"Frost and Fire"

Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid meet another alien from the Iglesian Order, Frostbite--all the while Agent 58 runs into a strange being, while tracking the heroes. Meanwhile Angel Stargazer waits in a place outside all Time and Space...

Episode 27:
"Unveiling Alliances"

As Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid join forces with the Hetalian Dark-Sider, Frostbite, as they try to track down Skarn. But little do they know the true plans of the Repscalian foe.
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