The "Adventures..." Begin in Season 1!

Start from the beginning...and watch as Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid defend The City, Fight against the Un-Good Gang, and pick up a few Tacos!

Episode 1:
"Getting Tacos!"

Join Hero-Man in his FIRST Ever animated Adventure!!
He's on an epic quest to find the last Taco
in the City..
.BUT will he get to the taco place in time??

Episode 2:
"Enter the Villain"

In this, the SECOND Episode of "The Adventures of Hero-Man":
Hero-Man spots the "Hero-Signal"....and after tracing it's source, he comes across the first villain--
WILL Hero-Man get the Tacos back!!?

Episode 3:
"The Evil Taco-Taker!"

Hero-Man and his ally Sidekick Kid team-up to take out the taco-taking Pumpkin Head in their first action as the "Heroic Combo".

Episode 4:
"Holy Piracy, Hero-Man!"

Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid are ready for their next adventure--and it looks like the City is about to get pillaged.

Episode 5:
"Epic Fail on the High Seas!"

Trapped on a Pirate Ship surrounded by Pirates!? What will the Heroes do to escape?
And what is going on in the City??

Episode 6:
"Pre-Order Peril!"

Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid arrive back in the City, but find there's more peril awaiting!

Episode 7:
"A SideKick'in Adventure!"

Sidekick Kid goes solo in this exciting first look into the mysterious backstory for Hero-Man's right-hand Sidekick.

Episode 8:
"About to Get Servo'ed!"

Hero-Man shows up just in-time to confront Dr. Servo, who's got Sidekick Kid trapped in a BAD spot.

Christmas Special #1:
"It's Christmas Time,

It's Christmas Time in the City, and a Frigid Foe looks to take Christmas by storm(snow storm, that is)..

Episode 9:
"n00b York's Finest!"

A New Year, but this time Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid are still trying to unravel the EVIL that seems to be plotting against them.

Episode 10:
"Double the Trouble,
Double the Fun!"

Outside the City, the Heroic Combo run into a dastardly duo working for Dr. Servo!

Episode 11:
"An Attempted Hacking!"

A new Bad Bot has shown up and started causing mayhem in the streets of the City. Hero-Man and Sidekick Kid must stop this robotic reject.

Episode 12:
"Attack in n00b York!"

An EXPLOSIVE beginning to another night for the Heroic Combo as an old enemy returns, this time more than ready to keep the Heroes busy.

Episode 13:
"A Fowl-Feathered Fiend!"

The Heroic-Combo is back. Hitting the streets after the Hero-Alarm signals a NEW Feathered Fiend at the downtown "Big Cluck'in Hut" fast food joint.

Episode 14:
"Something's A-Fowl in
n00b York!"

The Feathery Fiend, Big Cluck, is still roosting. Can the Heroes crack him and his Egg Troops?

Christmas Special #2:
"It's a Pirate'd Christmas!"

It's Christmas Time....again, Hero-Man. And this year an Imposter-Claus is taking to some present plundering.

Season 1 Finale: Ep 15:
"The Un-Good Gang!"

The Un-Good Gang looks to settle the score, and Hero-Man is out patrolling the City when he runs across some of Servo's lackies out committing another petty crime...
But what Hero-Man doesn't realize is that it's a trap!.

   "Hero-Man: The Movie"

The Exciting Conclusion to Season One as Hero-Man is held captive by the evil Dr. Servo and his Un-Good Gang!! It's up to Sidekick Kid to confront his old Mentor-turned-Evil, deep inside the "Fortress of Bad Things" on the Outskirts of the City.
But will Dr. Servo's own twisted scheme turn the ally of Hero-Man into his past, dark self, "Kid Shadow"??
Watch this exciting 15-Minute long Finale to find out if Good will triumph over Evil!!
Check Out these EXCITING Teaser Trailers for the Hero-Man Movie!
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