Enjoy the NEW Origin Story to
"The Adventures of Hero-Man"
as Hammond Magnus is caught up in a mystery...and has to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, Angel Stargazer from the
evil Neuro-Hawk....!

"Hero-Man Adventures" Premiere Issue
Part 1 of 3: "A Hero'ic Beginning"
Hammond Magnus, just your typical 20-something, is suddenly thrown into a deep, dark plot involving a villain who's own twisted schemes and dreams start to turn his whole world upside-down! 
(Enjoy these first 3 pages, as well as the Cover!)

"Hero-Man Adventures" 
Part 2 of 3: "A Hero'ic Beginning"
Now feeling the strange energy, Hammond Magnus--NOW Hero-Man, begins to survey The City, when he discovers more strange robots...
Meanwhile, Neurohawk has Angel Stargazer in his Lab, as his plan to gain more ancient power comes closer to fruition...

"Hero-Man Adventures" 
Part 3 of 3: "A Hero'ic Beginning"
Finally face-to-face with the man who betrayed his parents, and captured his girlfriend and soulmate, Hero-Man prepares to take on Neurohawk, free Angel, and stop the villain before he can complete his Psychotic Vision of Power!

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