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Season 2: Episode 27
​"Unveiling Alliances"

In this exciting return to the outskirts of The City, Hero-Man, Sidekick Kid, and their new ally, the Hetalian Dark-sider, Frostbite, look to finally track down and confront the evil, ruthless Repscalian leader, Lord Skarn...

But what will they find when they arrive? And will the villain finally pay the price for the death and destruction he caused, all those years ago on Nashar and throughout the Iglesian Order?

And the NEWEST Animated Series:

Season 1: Episode 3
​"The Honor of the Warrior!"

In this exciting 3rd Episode---Alpha Squad has rushed to Indos, a small village on Etol---just in time to run into more Harznians, led by the former Harznian Prince, Emodx--brother of Tal...

But Indos is already under attack--will Alpha Squad show up in time to defeat the invading army? And will Emodx's trap work?

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Hero-Man Adventures
Issue #3
In this FINAL Issue of the Hero-Man Prequel/Origin Story, we see Hammond Magnus, as he prepares to battle the dangerous Neurohawk!

Will he find and rescue Angel Stargazer, who's own destiny approaches as well? The conclusion of Hero-Man's FIRST Adventure awaits in the pages of this 30-Page Finale!!

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